Go wireless!

With our 5th generation Wi-Fi network


For your laptop, tablet, mobile and smartTV all in one


At peak rates upto 1.3 Gbps


High speed secure wireless home broadband

Home Internet

Citywide portable Wi-Fi broadband

Public Wi-Fi

Managed always on wireless broadband

Institutional Internet

Connected Everywhere

Our network is based on the latest wireless networking standard which ensures citywide network coverage with outstanding performance. Connect any wireless enabled device to our network for Internet access. Stream HD videos, make video calls, download large files with highest download speed!

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What we do

Internet for homes

Internet for tourists

Internet for Campuses

Internet for Hotels

Cloud based softwares


Faster than 4G LTE

Data rates of Wi-Fi networks are faster than cellular networks.
We went a step further and brought you a 5th generation Wi-Fi. It is a new generation of Wi-Fi with peak data rates upto 1.3 Gbps.

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World class Infrastructure

A robust network built for speed, reliability and to save power of client devices. A world class infrastructure built by industry leaders.
Experience the 5th generation Wi-Fi first time in India.

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24/7 Support

Support is just a call away

Support is right there when it is needed the most. Easy to reach support round the clock, all year long. Problems shall be resolved within 24 hours.
Calls, mails or visits are always welcome.

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